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The majority children in rural areas will continue to barely subsist, like their fathers and grandfathers before them. Because of limited social mobility, few will see more than the 50 square kilometers of their village. They will never experience the great things the world has to offer. Conversely, the world will never experience the great things they have to offer. Any one of these kids could be the next Mozart, Hawking, or Alexander Fleming. And the root cause: A lack of educational infastructure.

See Where We Come In

For many kids, education is a dream dream.

A dream hindered by a lack of schools, trained teachers, reliable electricity, or places to study. Ironically enough, these children, who must miss entire seasons of school in order to help harvest, are the most eager to learn. The libraries KnoMore is funding will provide a safe-haven and incubator for children to learn and develop vocational skills. Because of internet connectivity, these children will have direct access to educational software like KhanAcademy. With the first library under construction, I plan on holding video calls with the students to foster their interest in programming.

Realizing the Dream

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